GROWDIGGA is a female rapper from Copenhagen, Denmark in Scandinavia. She raps in both English and Danish. Her sound is very unique, but mostly categorized as Trap. GROWDIGGA’s soft vocal, melodic flow, hardcore lyrics and eye for different concepts, brings her own original twist to everything she does. GROWDIGGA grew up playing flute, clarinet and piano, which contributes to her good ears and creative freedom. Since GROWDIGGA was 5 years old, she has been moving around, and lived in many different countries including; Mocambique, South Africa, U.S., Germany and Sweden. Her International Character effects her Music and shows in her fan base – which is spread all around the world. GROWDIGGA’s Music is developing very fast, and getting attention from fans, independent and major labels. Do your self a favor and keep an eye on GROWDIGGA.

GROWDIGGA has since 2011 released serveral singles, the EP “Bad Behavior” and the SE/DK Collaboration Mixtape “S.U.D.”
In Oct. 2014 she released the EP “BOSSMAMA” produced at Tchaya Records in Mocambique. GROWDIGGA is soon to release another EP in collaboration with the SouthAfrican Based Record Label; WestAfricanGoonz. GROWDIGGA is Currently workin on her debut solo album.

GROWDIGGA has been performing live in Clubs, Festivals, Radio and Tv stations around the world, among others at: TV Miramar (Moz), Tv Tim (Moz), Radio 99 Fm (Moz), Radio Politécnica (Moz), Gil Vicente (Moz), Kitcheners (SA), Siesta Festival (SE), Malmø Festival (SE), Ametist Radio SR Metropol (SE), Din Gata Radio (SE), Distortion (DK), Thy Festival (DK), Operaen Christiania (DK), Køpi (DE), Yaam (DE).


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